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ISW: Russian Naval Base Tartus

Christopher HarmerInstitute for the Study of War, July 31, 2012

The Syrian port of Tartus is the only naval base outside of the former Soviet Union still held by the Russian military, and the Russian government has asserted its strategic significance. The port of Tartus holds particular significance to Russia as a defensible position through which to accomplish a political goal.

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ProSyn: Reviving Rural Russia

Tsarist Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin, who eng...

Tsarist Prime Minister Pyotr Stolypin, who engineered the “Coup” of June 1907 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Project Syndicate, July 31, 2012

In 1906, Pyotr Stolypin, my great-grandfather, was appointed Prime Minister of Imperial Russia. Among his first undertakings was a series of agricultural reforms aimed at creating a new class of smallholding farmers. Five years later, the population had grown by 18.5 million, far exceeding the previous growth rate; Russia had become the largest exporter of grain to Europe; and roughly three million private farmers had joined the new rural middle class.

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Carnegie Inst: Sheer Necessity Alone Won’t Drive EU Integration

Jan TechauCarnegie Institute, July 31, 2012

For many of those who believe a positive and constructive outcome will arise from Europe’s political and economic crisis, one argument has become increasingly popular over the years to back up their optimism. It is the “sheer necessity” argument. It basically stipulates that, in the end, European leaders will do the right thing because they have to. Circumstances, so the argument goes, will force rational people with a strong will to survive to do all kinds of difficult, painful, unpopular things, because there is, after all the silly things have been said and done, really only one sensible way to go. (more)

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FPA: Syrian Refugees in Turkey

FPA: Syrian Refugees in Turkey – As the international community is struggling to find a solution to end the violence…

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Heritage: Questions on Cybersecurity Need to Be Answered

Heritage: Questions on Cybersecurity That Need to Be Answered

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Belfer Center: Facebook Won’t Save Us

Belfer Center: Facebook Won’t Save Us – “Are you a technoptimist or a depressimist?” asks Niall Ferguson, Laurence A…

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GPF Europe: Turkmenistan, Russia to discuss economic cooperation

(en) Turkmenistan Location (he) מיקום טורקמניסטן

Turkmenistan Location (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

GPF Europe: Turkmenistan, Russia to discuss economic cooperation

Russia and Turkmenistan are the largest natural gas exporters in the CIS. Russia ranks third in Turkmenistan’s total turnover for the first three months of 2012 and the turnover amounted to $1.235.41 billion.

Cooperation in the field of the fuel and energy complex is a strategic direction in relations between the two countries.



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ACUS: NATO Should Improve Relations with Its Southern Neighbors


From Luke Coffey, the Heritage Foundation:  To the south of Europe, from the eastern Atlantic Ocean to the Middle East, is a region experiencing increasing instability from demographic pressures, increased commodity prices, interstate and intrastate conflict, piracy, tribal politics, competition over water and other natural resources, religious tension, revolutionary tendencies, terrorism, and nuclear proliferation. This region also has some of the world’s most vital shipping lanes, energy resources, and trade choke points. Obviously, instability in this region can directly impact NATO’s security interests. (more)

Middle East

Middle East (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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SDA: Smartphones become top cyber targets

SDA: Smartphones become top cyber targets – Hackers at this year’s Def Con, the world’s largest hacking …

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CSIS: Chinese Military Modernization and Force Development

By Anthony H. Cordesman, Nicholas S. Yarosh, CSIS, July 30, 2012

China’s military modernization, and its impact on the military balance has become a critical issue in assessing both Asian security and the nature of US and Chinese strategic completion. The Burke Chair has developed a comprehensive update of its previous analysis of Chinese military strategy and developments.

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