GMFUS: America Rediscovers the Atlantic

GMFUS: America Rediscovers the Atlantic –

This article was first published in Aspenia, Aspen Italia’s journal. It can be read here in its original form (printed in Italian).

Most Europeans will be pleased with the re-election of President Obama after a campaign that many in Europe never realized was such a close run thing. Yet, there are lingering concerns, not least over the extent to which a second Obama Administration will focus on transatlantic relations – a subject that hardly featured in the presidential campaign. Public opinion surveys, and comments from American officials have many convinced that the so-called “pivot to Asia” spells less attention to the Atlantic. Americans, especially younger Americans, are looking to Asia as a region increasingly important to their perceived interests. But this hardly means that the Atlantic has disappeared from the US agenda. Indeed, the strategic significance of the Atlantic could acquire important new meaning to the extent that it is defined more broadly, to include the Atlantic basin as a whole, north and south. The north-south and south-south dimensions of transatlantic relations are poised to take center stage.


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