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Brookings: Dealing With the Real Putin

Brookings: Dealing With the Real Putin – The Obama administration has decided it’s time to “reset the reset” with Russia. The reset was one of the administration’s first foreign policy initiatives in 2009 and certainly reduced bilateral tensions for a period. But President Obama now faces Vladimir Putin as Russia’s president instead of Dmitri Medvedev, and the entire premise of U.S.-Russia relations will have to be reviewed. After 12 years at…


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Vladimir Putin as Statist

Brookings Institute: Vladimir Putin as Statist: Restoring the Greatness of Russia

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The Five Personalities of Vladimir Putin

Brookings Podcast: The Five Personalities of Vladimir Putin

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Putin Starts Kazakh Visit

English: ALMATY. President Vladimir Putin and ...

President Vladimir Putin and Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty via European Geopolitical Forum (GPF Europe), September 19, 2012

Russian President Vladimir Putin has started a visit to Kazakhstan, where he is due to meet with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbaev and attend a forum on interregional cooperation in the northeastern Kazakh city of Pavlodar… (more)

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The Cracks in the Russia-China Tandem


By Assoc. Professor Richard Rousseau, Centre for Strategic Research & Analysis (CESRAN),  September 19, 2012


China, Russia and the United States are major global players who are seeking to bring Eurasia within their own individual spheres of influence. Local and international analysts have repeatedly questioned the significance of the Russian-Chinese strategic partnership which, to all intents and purposes, is attempting to counter an extension of U.S. influence in the Eurasia and other regions of the world. Though this alliance serves the purposes of both states, the competition between them, which runs alongside it, also raises serious political and economic questions and may have a counter effect on the development of the region… (more)


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North Korea lacks rich relation in Russia

Topographic map of North Korea. Created with G...

Topographic map of North Korea. Created with GMT from SRTM data. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

European Geopolitical Forum, September 18, 2012

Andrei Lankov, Asia Times

When people discuss the international dimension of the North Korean issue, Russia is always bound to feature prominently. Indeed, Russia is a great power, a member of the Group of Eight, and a neighbor of North Korea. It is usually assumed as well that Russia has numerous strategic interests in the area going back decades, even centuries… (more)

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China & Russia veto, a weapon for Assad to kil...

China & Russia veto(Photo credit: FreedomHouse)

By Yu BinCenter for Strategic and International Studies, September 14, 2012

In early June, Russia’s new, and old, President Putin spent three days in Beijing for his first state visit since returning to the Kremlin for his third-term as president; his hosts (Hu and Wen) were in their last few months in office. Some foreign policy issues such as Syria and Iran required immediate attention and coordination between the two large powers. They also tried to make sure that their respective leadership changes in 2012 and beyond would not affect the long-term stability of the bilateral relationship… (more)

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Chelysheva’s Pursuit of the Truth in Putin’s Russia

By Jared Feldschreiber, World Policy Institute, September 14, 2012

On her Facebook page, reporter Oksana Chelysheva has an image of a rose bush blooming with large white flowers in the middle of a harsh, snowy winter. For her, the photo serves as daily inspiration that she can persevere no matter the hardship and continue to help truth flourish in Putin‘s Russia… (more)

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Russia: Iran attack will be disastrous

European Geopolitical Forum: Russia warned Israel and other nations not to attack Iran over its nuclear programme, saying the use

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Popular Dissent: Why Pussy Riot and Ai Weiwei Are Only the Beginning

Free Ai Weiwei 艾未未

Free Ai Weiwei (Photo credit: jasonbchen)

By Alice WangWorld Policy Institute, August 31, 2012

The line for the public reading of Pussy Riot’s closing statements in New York stretched around the block of the Ace Hotel on the night before the women’s sentencing. Even after the doors were locked, the crowd waited on the off chance of catching the tail-end of the event, whose star-studded line-up included Chloe Sevigny and members of the American feminist punk rock band Le Tigre. Near the front, supporters exchanged views about the case with event personnel to pass the time. The banter grew heated when one disgruntled supporter evoked Madonna’s endorsement of Pussy Riot to make an impassioned argument that the cause was more important than the venue’s petty fires safety codes… (more)

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