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Three Troubling Scenarios for Turkey and Transatlantic Partners

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German Marshall Fund of the United States, September 2012

Almost two years on from the start of the Arab Spring, the situation across the Middle East and the Mediterranean continues to produce worrisome security challenges for Turkey and Ankara’s transatlantic partners. Amid these destabilizing changes, three scenarios stand out, and could prove transformative for the security environment in and around Turkey, with no less important implications for Europe and the United States. First, Syria’s civil war could drag on for as long as a decade, further destabilizing an already fragile neighborhood. Second, Iran could develop, or come close to developing, a nuclear weapon. Finally, tensions in Cyprus and the Eastern Mediterranean could escalate from a simmer to a boil… (more) http://ow.ly/1ms0M9

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Carnegie Inst: Turkey’s Syria Conundrum

By Sinan Ülgen, Carnegie Europe, August 24, 2012

Syria used to be the poster child for Ankara’s “zero problems with neighbors” policy. At the peak of their rapprochement, Turkey and Syria were holding joint cabinet meetings and talking about spearheading a common market in the Middle East. Then the Arab wave of reforms reached Damascus. The relationship turned hostile as the Syrian leadership resisted reforms and engaged in large-scale massacres to subdue the opposition.

With the support of Prime Minister Erdogan, Turkey’s foreign minister Davutoglu positioned Ankara in the vanguard of the community of nations seeking regime change in Syria. Thus Ankara gave support to the Syrian National Council and harbored the Free Syrian Army. Even when former UN secretary-general Annan’s plan for a political settlement was announced, the Turkish leadership made it clear that there could be no solution with Assad in power… (more)  http://ow.ly/1m7kOw

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Carnegie Inst: Turkey and Russia

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish P...

Russian president Vladimir Putin and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Dmitri TreninCarnegie Institute, August 17, 2012

Moscow and Ankara take vastly different views of the developments in Syria. Yet, the Russian government and the Kremlin-friendly media only rarely chide Turkey for the position it has taken on Syria. At the height of the battle in Damascus, Prime Minister Erdogan traveled to Russia for talks with Vladimir Putin. It is clear that Moscow considers Ankara not only an economic partner, but also a key regional player, and is prepared to work with it. Thus, an interesting relationship is emerging, one which may impact on a range of countries that once used to be part of either the Ottoman or Russian/Soviet empires, or both… (more) http://ow.ly/1m0L6B

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GMFUS: Eerie Silence about the Euro Zone

Accession of Turkey to the European Union

Accession of Turkey to the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joshua W. WalkerGerman Marshall Fund of the United States, August 02, 2012

The euro crisis has emboldened Turkey, the EU’s longest waiting candidate country. But in Brussels’ greatest hour of need, Ankara remains eerily silent and distracted about the euro zone crisis and its own accession process. Turkey focuses on the “Arab Spring,” not the “European Fall.” The direction of relations between the EU and Turkey during this critical juncture could determine the future direction of Europe as a global or parochial power along with Turkey’s own future. (more) http://ow.ly/1lNRHJ


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Turkish Weekly: Turkey Still Probes Jet Hit as US, UK Pass Info

Turkish Weekly, Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Turkish jet was not downed by either anti-aircraft fire or a missile, separate army sources say as investigations into last month’s incident expand with new details. (more) http://ow.ly/cfocF 

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