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SWP: Flexible and Unbureaucratic Democracy Promotion by the EU?

European Neighbourhood Policy / Europejska Pol...

European Neighbourhood Policy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (German Institute for International and Security Affairs):

Julia Leininger, Solveig Richter,  August 2012
In June 2012 the EU set up the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) with the aim of supporting pro-democracy actors predominantly in the European Neighbourhood and of doing so quickly, flexibly, unbureaucratically and audaciously. http://ow.ly/1lZZvd

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FPA: Concerns over democratic progress in Romania and Bulgaria

by July 24, 2012

One of my primary interests regarding government is how countries transition to democracy from another form of rule, and why some places seem to have more success with this than others. For countries formerly under the influence of the Soviet Union, some have seen democracy establish a strong foothold, whereas others face a constant struggle to fight off (figuratively, though sometimes literally) a return to autocracy. (more) http://ow.ly/1lBCFZ

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GMFUS: Party and the Patriot


Nationalism (Photo credit: jonathan mcintosh)

Minxin Pei, July 21. 2012

(GMFUS) This article was published in the Indian Express. It can be found here in its original form.  

There is a lively debate in political science on whether nationalism is bad for democracy. While an overwhelming majority suggests that nationalism, by virtue of its illiberal nature (since it elevates collective identity over individual liberty and choice), could threaten democracy, some scholars insist that under certain circumstances, nationalism might facilitate the spread of democracy. For instance, to the extent that a strong national identity is a prerequisite for building a democratic nation-state, nationalism could be a positive force. In addition, nationalism could rally different groups in the overthrow of a dictatorship.
(more) http://ow.ly/1lzRV7

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FRIDE: The European Endowment for Democracy – will it fly?

The European Endowment for Democracy: will it fly? – 

By Kinga Brudzinska, Richard Youngs (17/05/2012) FRIDE Policy Brief

Delays in setting up the European Endowment for Democracy cast further question-marks over Europe’s scale of ambition in democracy support. To add value, the EED must fill a clear niche by providing quick and political support at crucial tipping-points for democratic reform. The EED must be endowed with a significant amount of new funding to send a signal of serious intent. http://ow.ly/1lklQX

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