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EuropeanGeostrategy: Interview with Daniel Keohane

English: A map showing European membership of ...

A map showing European membership of the EU and NATO.(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by James Rogers and Daniel KeohaneEuropean Geostrategy, August 19, 2012

Over the next few months the editors of European Geostrategy will undertake a number of interviews with various individuals who are involved in thinking about European foreign, security and military policies. In this first interview, James Rogers discusses European military power with Daniel Keohane, formerly a Research Fellow at the European Union’s Institute for Security Studies, and now the Head of Strategic Affairs at FRIDE. … http://ow.ly/1m2i9j


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FRIDE: Challenges for European Foreign Policy in 2012

(An article from late 2011, but still interesting.)

FRIDE: Challenges for European Foreign Policy in 2012. What kind of geo-economic Europe?

At the end of each year, the FRIDE team reflects on the challenges likely to dominate the EU’s foreign policy agenda in the following twelve months. The unifying thread of these challenges for 2012 is that of geo-economics. The euro crisis and shifts in global power require a more assertive focus on immediate economic interests. Geo-economics is likely to be of increasing relevance to European foreign policy debates in 2012. http://ow.ly/1lklQW

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