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ProSyn: No More Growth Miracles

Dani Rodrik, Project Syndicate, August 8, 2012

A year ago, economic analysts were giddy with optimism about the prospects for economic growth in the developing world. In contrast to the United States and Europe, where the growth outlook looked weak at best, emerging markets were expected to sustain their strong performance from the decade preceding the global financial crisis, and thus become the engine of the global economy… (more) http://ow.ly/1lSRlW

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ProSyn: One Money, (Too) Many Markets

Hans-Helmut Kotz, Project Syndicate, Aug. 3, 2012

Europe’s monetary union is screeching toward the abyss, unintentionally, but apparently inexorably. Greece will most likely not meet the criteria to receive further financial assistance from its eurozone partners and the International Monetary Fund. Europeans will then need to decide whether to let Greece go. The exit option would not improve Greece’s chances of successful adjustment, and it would come at a steep price for the eurozone: it would be “in the money” – and priced accordingly. (more) http://ow.ly/1lOAR8


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ProSyn: What Role for the State? (Gov regulation of markets)


Kemal DervişProject Syndicate, What Role for the State?


The financial crisis of 2008 has spurred a global debate on how much government regulation of markets – and what kind – is appropriate. In the United States, it is a key theme in the upcoming presidential election, and it is shaping politics in Europe and emerging markets as well… (more) http://ow.ly/1lvOph


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WPI: Sustainable Oceans Conference

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

By Neha Madhusoodanan, World Policy Journal, July 18, 2012

The last day of the Dräger Foundation’s Sustainable Oceans Conference had a genial atmosphere, with attendees introducing themselves over bagels and scones and chatting about the future. The pleasant company and eagerness of attendants, however, belied the seriousness of their undertaking. The diverse participants from academic, business, and policy backgrounds were attempting to do no less than save the world’s oceans. With the experts gathered at this conference, the Dräger Foundation looked to draft international legislation that would create the regulations needed to stop rapid deterioration of this resource… (more)  http://ow.ly/1lsWvQ

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ProSyn: Growing Up in the Eurozone

ProSyn: Growing Up in the Eurozone – At their meeting at the end of June, European leaders acknowledged for the firs… http://ow.ly/1lszwv

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