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Russia: Iran attack will be disastrous

European Geopolitical Forum: Russia warned Israel and other nations not to attack Iran over its nuclear programme, saying the use http://ow.ly/1mjZk0

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A Conversation on Iran with Israeli Brigadier Gen. Eliezer Hemeli

(en) Locator map that shows both Israel and Ir...

Locator map that shows both Israel and Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By , Foreign Policy Association, August 31, 2012

(The following was taken by FPA from Jspace.com.  The article was written by Jspace Foreign Affairs Correspondent, Rob Lattin, who also blogs about Israeli and Middle Eastern foreign policy for Foreign Policy Blogs.)

I recently had the opportunity to catch up with Israeli Brigadier General (res.) Eliezer Hemeli, who spent a large portion of his life on the battlefield in Lebanon and Syria. I asked him a few questions on his views toward the Iranian nuclear dilemma. Over the last year Israeli leadership, both political and military, have been divided on how best to handle Iran. Major figures such as the previous military chief of staff Amnon Lipkin-Shahak, former defense minister and military chief of staff Shaul Mofaz, and the previous head of Mossad Meir Dagan have all expressed concern over the way the current Israeli administration is handling things. General Hemeli generally agrees with the aforementioned leaders, and told me that while war might be necessary, there are other non-violent ways at this point to force Iran to comply… (more) http://ow.ly/1memwh

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International Security Advisory Board and Its Misplaced Focus

North Korea and weapons of mass destruction

North Korea and weapons of mass destruction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By  and Heritage Foundation, August 31, 2012

The U.S. and its allies face many grave dangers today, including the spread of ballistic missiles and nuclear know-how. The International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), designed to provide independent analysis and advisement regarding such issues for the Secretary of State, recently published a report titled “Mutual Assured Stability: Essential Components and Near Term Actions.” The report’s recommendations, however, are almost exclusively focused on improving relations with Russia and largely ignore the risks associated with a nuclear North Korea and Iran… (more) http://ow.ly/1meftz

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War in Iran may turn Caspian Sea region into arena of military operations

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian ...

Iran (Persia) with Black, Caspian and Arabian seas around (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Arzu Naghiyev (Trend commentator), European Geopolitical Forum, August 29, 2012

If the U.S. and Israel begin massive air attacks on Iran, Tehran can clearly respond to these actions. Border countries can be the target of some missiles, which it will use in the conflict. That is why, it is necessary to place modern radar systems in the countries bordering with Armenia and Iran, as well as along the coast of the Caspian Sea.

Of course, Azerbaijan must protect itself from Armenia and its military allies till a peace agreement is signed. Certainly, one must not rule out that Iran under the pretext of the cooperation with various countries at any time may subject the Azerbaijani territories to rocket fire or air attack… (more) http://ow.ly/1mbSTc

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Israel, Iran, and the Military Option


Israel and Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Bernard Gwertzman and  Richard N. HaassCouncil on Foreign Relations, August 28, 2012

Given that diplomacy to end Iran’s nuclear program has “come up empty,” Richard N. Haass, a veteran Middle East expert, says that he takes Israeli talk of a possible preventive attack “at face value.” He says the United States has tried to calm the Israelis, but “one of the many unknowns is whether any degree of U.S. reassurance can persuade the Israelis, given what the Israelis see as the stakes.” Overall, he says, this is a situation where there are no obvious or easy choices, and while a nuclear-armed Iran presents “a terrible outcome strategically,” a U.S. or Israeli military attack carries unforeseeable risks… (more) http://ow.ly/1maPiW

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CSBA Evaluates Cyber Warfare in a New Study

By Natalya AnfilofyevaCenter for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, August 24, 2012

In the past few months a number of high profile developments have pushed the issue of cyber security into the spotlight. Revelations regarding the Stuxnet program, a cyber weapon that targeted Iranian uranium enrichment centrifuges, emerged in early June, along with reports regarding Flame, an alleged effort to extract data from the computers of Iranian nuclear scientists. The following month, President Obama penned an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal describing critical U.S. infrastructure as vulnerable to cyber attack.   Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta went further in warning that “The next Pearl Harbor we confront could very well be a cyber attack that cripples our power systems, our [electric] grid, our security systems, our financial systems, our governmental systems.”… (more) http://ow.ly/1m7eGO

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