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Baltic States feel NATO’s real protection

GPF Europe: Baltic States feel NATO‘s real protection – President Dalia Grybauskaite and NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen discussed the overall implementation of NATO’s plans to defend the Baltic States, reported BC the presidential press service. http://ow.ly/2uC07u


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Ballistic Missile Defence for Europe: Now More Than Ever

A right front view of a vehicle-mounted Soviet...

A right front view of a vehicle-mounted Soviet Galosh anti-ballistic missile launcher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By George Galdorisi and Scott C Truver, Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) Defence Systems, 18 Sep 2012:

Europe has long been accustomed to the benefits of collective defence. In 2012, one of the most compelling threats to European civilian populations – as well as to NATO troops deployed overseas – is that of ballistic missiles armed with weapons of mass destruction (WMD) being fired by rogue nations or by transnational terrorist groups.
This emerging threat to Europe is being tackled with urgent dispatch… (more) http://ow.ly/1mvNeK

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Riga Conference 2012 Is Underway

German Marshall Fund of the United States, September 2012

The Riga Conference has become a leading foreign and security policy forum in Northern Europe. For two days in September, world-renowned political, intellectual and business leaders gather in the heart of Rīga to debate today’s most pressing international challenges. The conference brings together over 300 politicians, experts, academics, diplomats, media and officials from around the world. It will provide a unique opportunity to exchange ideas with key stakeholders on issues ranging from the financial crisis to NATO enlargement to Putin’s Russia… (more)  http://ow.ly/1ms4ZL

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The NATO Global Hub

NATO flag

NATO flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Richard WeitzProject Syndicate, August 30, 2012
What should an alliance do when its leading member and dominant pillar decides to shift its focus to the other side of the world? NATO leaders have been grappling with this question since US President Barack Obama’s announcement of his administration’s “pivot” to Asia last year compelled them to examine the Alliance’s global role. … http://ow.ly/1md3uq

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EU and NATO Look on at Greece’s ‘Pampered’ Armed Forces

English: (Green) Greece. (Light-green) The Eur...

(Green) Greece. (Light-green) The European Union (EU). (Grey) Europe. (Light-grey) The surrounding region. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Judy DempseyCarnegie Europe, August 27, 2012

One would have imagined that the Greek government would have taken a sledgehammer to the defense budget back in 2009 when the debt crisis first took hold of this small country in the south east of Europe. http://ow.ly/1m9svB

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StratRisks: Talk Brews Among NATO Allies Of Syrian No-Fly Zone

StratRisks, August 24, 2012

(Source: IBTimes)

The West and its allies appear to be taking baby steps toward creating a no-fly zone over Syria — with the important qualification that it be limited in scope, minimize chances of an open war with Damascus

Luxembourgian-registered NATO E-3 AWACS flying...

Luxembourgian-registered NATO E-3 AWACS flying with three American Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon fighter aircraft in a NATO exercise (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

and receive broad international support… (more) http://ow.ly/1m7x8V

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NATO Maneuvers: Officials concerned over optics of Arctic war fighting

Royal Navy Sea King Mk4 Helicopter Practices L...

Royal Navy Sea King Mk4 Helicopter Practices Load Lifting Drills in Norway (Photo credit: Defence Images)

StratRisks, August 24, 2012

…Roughly 800 soldiers from the 1st Battalion Royal Canadian Regiment, in Petawawa, Ont., eventually did take part in Exercise Cold Response last March. They formed one contingent in the overall exercise involving 16,000 troops from the U.S., Britain, France, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The exercise, which has been held regularly since 2006, coincided this year with the election — or re-election — of Vladimir Putin as Russian president.

Reaction from Moscow clearly indicated that the Kremlin saw the NATO-Swedish training as provocative, especially since it came on the heels of a Canadian sovereignty exercise in February known as ‘Arctic Ram.’

(full article)  http://ow.ly/1m712H

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