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The Public Sphere is Failing Because We Are Failing

 By Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Gunpowder and Lead, September 4, 2012


Juergen Habermas’s public sphere (Photo credit: Snurb)

 …is the public sphere succeeding or failing? (I know, big terms, and defining success or failure is no simple task.) Is it better or worse than it was ten, twenty, thirty years ago? I offer no conclusions, nor do I claim that we are faced with a monolith. I agree with Andrew Exum, for example, about the many benefits available to a policy researcher who is engaged with social media.  So, as Eric Cartman says, I’m just asking questions. I will be writing about the public sphere here from time to time, and this is an initial post anchoring the discussion… (more) http://ow.ly/1mi5Nz

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Flirting with fascism: A European karma?

The Wave original, poster

The Wave original, poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Maxime LariveForeign Policy Association, August 28, 2012

“Germany’s been going downhill for years. We’re the losers of globalization. The politicians want us to believe the only solution is to work harder. But the politicians are the puppets for big business. They say unemployment’s falling, and we’re still the world’s export champions. But in reality, the poor are getting poorer and the rich, richer. [Loud applause] our greatest threat is terror. A terror we unleashed ourselves, because of the injustice we permit in the world. And while we slowly destroy our planet, a few of the superwealthy rub their hands and build themselves spaceships so they can watch from above. [Loud applause].”

This statement is taken straight from the recent and excellent German movie, “Die Welle ”(The Wave), based on the 1967 teaching experiment conducted by Ron Jones to sample the experience of the attraction and rise of a fascist system… (more) http://ow.ly/1mb2tk

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GMFUS: Party and the Patriot


Nationalism (Photo credit: jonathan mcintosh)

Minxin Pei, July 21. 2012

(GMFUS) This article was published in the Indian Express. It can be found here in its original form.  

There is a lively debate in political science on whether nationalism is bad for democracy. While an overwhelming majority suggests that nationalism, by virtue of its illiberal nature (since it elevates collective identity over individual liberty and choice), could threaten democracy, some scholars insist that under certain circumstances, nationalism might facilitate the spread of democracy. For instance, to the extent that a strong national identity is a prerequisite for building a democratic nation-state, nationalism could be a positive force. In addition, nationalism could rally different groups in the overthrow of a dictatorship.
(more) http://ow.ly/1lzRV7

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FRIDE: The European Endowment for Democracy – will it fly?

The European Endowment for Democracy: will it fly? – 

By Kinga Brudzinska, Richard Youngs (17/05/2012) FRIDE Policy Brief

Delays in setting up the European Endowment for Democracy cast further question-marks over Europe’s scale of ambition in democracy support. To add value, the EED must fill a clear niche by providing quick and political support at crucial tipping-points for democratic reform. The EED must be endowed with a significant amount of new funding to send a signal of serious intent. http://ow.ly/1lklQX

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