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Jamestown Foundation: Azerbaijan Using Gabala Negotiations to Change Russia’s Policy

Members of the Azerbaijani Special Fo...

Members of the Azerbaijani Special Forces during a military parade in Baku 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Publication: Eurasia Daily Monitor Volume: 9 Issue: 133

By: Richard Rousseau, Jamestown Foundation, July 13, 2012

December 24, 2012 will mark the end of the contract between Azerbaijan and Russia for the lease of the G

abala radar station (Daryal-type radar station), built by the Soviet Union in 1984 to monitor missile launches at distances as far as 6,000 kilometers (3,728 miles) away. This remains Russia’s only military presence in Azerbaijan. The radar station, however, is outdated and no longer serves much military value for Russia, especially since a Voronezh-type early warning stations became operational in 2009 near Armavir in Krasnodar Krai.

Moscow and Baku are currently negotiating the terms of a lease extension for the Gabala radar station. To Russia’s surprise – and dismay – Azerbaijani authorities are now asking Russia to pay $300 million a year instead of the seven million dollars a year previously paid (Trend, June 20). (more) http://ow.ly/cflDw

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